EventsTsinghua Youth Insights Program Recruitment

Program Overview

Onsite Visits
-Visit representative projects
-Participate in various social practices
-Deepen understanding of social phenomena through observation
-Improve the quality of policy advice

-Invite university professors, outstanding youth talents, and civil servants from public service departments
-Hold lectures regarding policy planning, scientific research methods, etc

Survey & Research
-Based on various topics, surveys will be carried out.
-In the form of questionnaires, field interviews and other empirical methods
-Members present their research findings

-Responsive proposals will be written
-Face-to-face sessions with NPC deputies and CPPCC members,
-Make proposals and suggestions produce real impact

Mentor-Mentee System
-Hire young faculties with research ability and  students with abundant social work experience to be mentors

Program Topics
The topics of the Tsinghua Youth Insights Program are as follows:
1)Learning School History
2)Youth Renting and Housing Dilemma
3)Youth Employment and Future Career Development
4)New Career for Youth Development
5)Young Talents and Rural Revitalization
6)Young Volunteers and Rural Governance

Requirements and Registration
Member Requirements
1)Students in Tsinghua who are pursuing master or doctoral degrees;
2)Excellent academic performance, moral quality, and outstanding comprehensive performance;
3)Strong academic research interest and willingness for research work.
Please click on the questionnaire link scan the QR code below to fill in the " Tsinghua Youth Insights Program " Registration Form;
Applicants need to fill in the registration form before 22:00 on March 14 (this Sunday)and send their resume to :, Tsinghua Research & Youth League Committee will conduct a unified review of the application materials, and finally select no more than 40 students.

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